Chris Theunissen

Growing up on the east coast of South Africa, I have always considered myself to be an artist. From a very young age I was involved with graffiti and got infatuated by mixing typography with abstract, new-school imagery and colour. Later I started airbrushing and focused all my energy into developing my skills. It was a new world with endless possibilities. I then started a career in the custom automotive paint industry specifically for motorcycles boats, aeroplanes and other automobiles, after much work and dedication I got commissioned to paint the official Coca-Cola/Fifa Boeing, trophy and dignitaries VIP plane for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. It was a natural progression from airbrushing to tattooing. It was a long process of experimenting with different styles and tools of the trade, finding my strengths and weaknesses and creating my own personal tattooing identity, which culminated in me opening the doors of Sacred Ink back in 2010